Friday, January 30, 2009

Sherry came for a visit - i heart faces - week 13 - adult

Sherry and I met in August 1973. That qualifies as a long time ago. We shared a room for three of our four years at Bethel (MN). We were both slender, had no gray hair, no boyfriends. She was a good student, I was mediocre. We are now not as slender, have lots of gray and live with our boyfriends - though we call them husbands!! We are both teachers.
We both live far from our parents and siblings. Sherry and John are in China - far from anywhere!! ; we are in LA. - both of us far from the mid-west from whence we came.
Many other things for us are now different. But many of those differences are things that are now better.
Many things for us are the same. We still laugh at ourselves and each other. We still love to talk about important things. We encourage each other. More than ever, we seek God. Over the years, though changes came, friendship remained constant.
It takes work to maintain a friendship across miles and years. Sometimes we are better at it than others. But when we are together, it is so good. Being in each other's presence is where our best communication comes.... (Do you see implications here for relationship with God?)
It was a wonderful afternoon with a dear friend. I hope there are more ahead.
Thanks for 35 years of precious friendship, Sherry. I love you.
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  1. So sweet! I love it when people tell the story behind the picture. I am starting to relate to time going by all to well! :) It's really neat to see a friendship last that long.