Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Maggie-Waggy, i heart faces - week 12 - pets

I Heart Faces

Our dog, Maggie. Maggie-Waggy we call her. Her tail is hurricaneous in it swishing!!

She is every bit her 12 years. Her muzzle is greying. Her hearing is failing. She sleeps a lot.

But every once in a while, the puppy in her springs to life and oh! the glory of the chase, oh! the joy of the playfulness.

Here, I had interrupted a nap she was taking while lying on her back with paws curled up on her belly. Why was that even comfortable!!!??

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  1. hehe this made me lol- very very cute!

  2. Cute pose...I know exactly what you mean about waking them from a nap.

  3. Too cute!! Doggies can be so cute when they sleep. My son has a new (8 week old) puppy and it SNORES like the big dog it will one day be. I never even knew a dog could snore!

  4. this seriously made my day like a million times better.

  5. I love it when they are surprised when woke up. They always jump up with that "I wasn't sleeping look". Can't wait for the day when we find just the right dog. We are waiting for the one that when we see it we know it, be it we are looking or not. Kind of the same way we got out cats.
    Thank you for you comment and yes she was named for the color of her eyes.