Thursday, March 26, 2009

If I'd known it would be this easy...!!!

There I was, yesterday morning, minding my own business. I was at Perks, the coffee shop around the corner from my house. Sitting in my usual chair, I was reading Respectable Sins for the upcoming book group discussion. On the table was one of my Latin books as I was soon going to study for the 4th year class.

From behind me came the question, "Is this yours?" A large red book appeared in the hands of the employee. She had noticed my green book as being very similar to the red one which had been sitting behind the counter for the last two weeks.

If I'd known that all I had to do was post on this blog about the black hole that seems to eat voraciously all things Parsons, I would have done so long ago! But actually, two fine ladies, Margie and Lynn, both offered me their copies to replace the one I thought I'd never see again. Perhaps the kindness of friends is what God wanted me to know while I waited for him to return MY book!!

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  1. HI, I read "respectable sins" last year....Very good read, and very humbling, although with two small children, all that I thought good about myself went out the window.