Friday, June 12, 2009

my friend, Margie

Margie has been my friend for many years. She taught piano to my children but more importantly, prays for them still. She is wise, a good listener and thinker. She is dedicated to her family and friends. Her principled approach to life weaves through our time together. She loves the Lord and prays over almost every decision.

We are different in many ways.
I am tall. She is.......not.
I have a little car; she does not.
I am casual; she is fancy.
I don't fast; she does.
I read a lot; she works a lot.
I don't memorize Scripture regularly; she does.
Different in many other ways but united in our love of the Lord, our families and the life of the mind.

Margie is a busy person. If she isn't teaching piano, she's playing with her grandson(s), cleaning, reorganizing something (I say that with respect - there is much I should organize) or ironing. Margie knows my "love language" is spending time one on one in good conversation.
Lately, she has called me in the morning of our mutual day off - Wednesday - to see if I can meet her at Perks for tea and.... So, when she meets with me, I know she is saying she loves me. And I love her back.

When she called me this evening to see if I could meet her at Satrbucks, i was naturally delighted!! We had the usual banter back and forth..... and then the subject for the evening came out. What did I think of this? Back and forth we went, agreeing and disagreeing with each other and ourselves. I think we both changed positions several times. But each time, we swung a bit closer to understanding the real issues, to understanding each other. And in the end, as we usually do, we found consensus. Even when we don't, we have enjoyed the engagement, learned a new point of view, spent valuable time together and strenghtened the bond between us.

How do your friends let you know you are loved?

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  1. Oh, Marci if this isn't exactly what I was thinking and feeling the other evening two tables down from you and Margie.

    One on One is how I'm filled up, yes indeed. I think Charissa's is this too...and I think acts of service. Who doesn't like that too?

    Love Ginger...Nice to providentially run into you twice in two days.