Sunday, January 24, 2010


It was a joyful Sunday, being there for the ordination of a new pastor, one who will minster in our church. Rev. Andrew Richardson has been with us for a few years but today he received the title of "Reverend". That is a big change for us as a congregation, for him as a man.

Following a beautiful and delicious lunch, we added to the joy by having friends come over for a visit and a little football viewing. One of the sons, the oldest had shocked me earlier in the day! His voice had dropped! I know it happens as boys grow! But this was just a shock! I've loved him and his brothers as little boys and now he's turning into a young man! Whoa!

He's supposed to be this little boy!
Say it isn't so!

Yet, it is so and it is good and right.

He is leaving behind childish ways and his childhood while retaining the sweetness I've so enjoyed. I heard him offer to play a game with his little brother. How sweet that was. He engaged in conversation with his mother and me. How grown up that was.

With one foot stepping into the wing tips of young adulthood and one just barely leaving the barefoot playground of childhood, I got a brief glimpse into a family moving into a new stage of life - the entry of another man in its ranks.

I think he'll do just fine! I think they'll do just fine.

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