Saturday, April 10, 2010

has this ever happened to you?

Have you ever been telling a story to someone, been in the middle of a conversation with a group of friends, and right in the middle of what you are saying, you realize you are rambling?  Going on and on.  Going nowhere.  Did you realize how mind- numbingly boring you were?  Did you realize you were boring yourself?  Why did I even start this story?  Why am I exposing myself so much?
Have you ever noticed the eyes of the person/people to whom you are talking looking over your shoulder to someone with whom your audience would rather be?  Or perhaps they were looking at nothing - and they would have rather been there!!  Their eyes are darting around the room to find some way out, someone who would read their distress and come over and save them.
But you can't stop talking because that would be more awkward than just finishing this awful story, worse than standing there completely emotionally naked.  You drop out hordes of details just to mercifully get to the end, realizing that it doesn't have to be cohesive because no one - not even you - is listening anymore.
And when you are done and the person/people quickly escape, do you commit to yourself on pain of death itself to join a social hermitage?  Do you commit yourself to being insanely interested in whatever anyone else is saying so that you never have to talk again, never have to risk again, never have to expose yourself again, never have to humiliate yourself again!! 
I didn't think so.
But there I go again.
Being boring. 
Forget I said anything.


  1. I HATE that. I find it mostly happens when I'm talking to men in their mid-twenties...they really just can't wait until the conversation turns back to them.

  2. This was awesome. I so enjoyed reading this. So true. So true. Yes, I have vowed, time and again, to forever stop talking and become more intentional about listening better. I am not a very good conversationalist; I definitely ramble.

    Thanks for making me smile today. :)