Thursday, August 11, 2011

pointing forward

I am in a group of ladies who are reading through the Bible in a year by theme. Currently, we are reading books on the theme of law and grace. Today I read in Leviticus. The amount of sacrifices, the blood, the meat and organs..... WOW!!

What I saw as I read that I haven't seen before (isn't the Bible always fresh!!) is the amount of participation on the part of the person supplying the sacrifice. There are options of what to bring for the sacrifice. They lean on the sacrifice, they eat it. This seems to be the stuff of priesthood yet here is Joe Blow doing it!

This early instruction points toward the later sacrifice of Jesus. He is the sacrifice, the priest, He brings himself; He is a wave offering, a heave offering; He is consumed.

I'm glad we live this side of the law but grateful that God has always provided a way for us to be made acceptable to Himself.

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