Monday, May 11, 2009

they made me a mother again....and again

My girls. My daughters. They are young women now.
They are so different. Rachael is tall. Lydia is not. Rachael has long hair. Lydia cuts it often and has shaved it once. Rachael is a home body. Lydia is a social bug. Rachael likes to read. Lydia likes to "art". Rachael relaxes in the kitchen. Lydia hyperventilates with fear in the kitchen. Viva la difference!!!

studying in a fort made with sheets - just like the olden days!!

As room mates at college, the sisters live as friends with each other. They both love to laugh and, when home, make each other laugh all the time. They are both disciplined. They both have messy bedrooms. They are both deep thinkers. They both shower every morning. They are both excelling in school. They are both loyal. They are both a joy to know. They both love Jesus.

Such variety from the same womb. Such blessings. Such love. Such dear daughters and friends to me.


  1. Don't forget; They're both beautiful. They both laugh (groan) at my jokes. They're both examples for my own daughter. And they were both "the smartest kid in the class."

  2. I want their heads to fit in the fort!!