Sunday, May 17, 2009

shake and bake

Today is Sunday.

The Lord's Day.

Everyday belongs to Him but today has special focus.

We worshiped well, sang well, feasted well and "parished" well at "Robertson central" - saying good-bye at the combined parish lunch to yet another fine young man who has been with us for a while .

It was hot today. 100 degrees. We baked.

Then, tonight, while I was talking to Larry who is in Utah on a fishing trip, there was a boom and some shaking. 5.0 earthquake.

Shake and bake.
It brings back Jan. 1994 every time it happens.

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  1. We also had our fellowship group on Sunday night, which meets at our house. Very convienent for us with two little ones. Anyhow, we spoke of prayer requests and we began our outloud prayers....I always begin mine with just how Wonderful and Powerful God is and it was just after saying those words the earth shook....It was powerful since at that time my mind was focused on his power and His power was displayed.

    I continued in the prayer Thanking His for His Wonderous Deeds.

    Love your posts, always thought provoking.