Monday, May 11, 2009

he made me a mother

Matthew. My first born. Dark hair. Tall and handsome. Smart. Funny. Musical. Good memory. Creative. Loving. Recently married. Doing well.

When he was little, he was THE cutest boy I had ever seen. Huge eyes. He was so talkative and interesting and sweet - still is. He wasn't the first one to jump into the action; rather, he stayed back with me or sat on the edge of a group and observed the situation, then moved in where he wanted to be. He knew himself and sensed where he fit in. Still does.

He was a story teller. He could repeat a story or dream up fascinating tales of Snoopy in far away places doing heroic things. Story - whether relating one or watching one is still a pleasure for him.

He was a lap boy. He listened to and then read to me many many books in my lap. As he grew, he'd still plop down on my lap!! Sometimes does!

But mostly, he's my first born. My dear son.

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